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  • Three colorful pages of materials for a geometry-themed mini office: types of triangles; determining angles; defining polygon (regular and irregular) and polyhedron; perimeter, area, and volume for basic shapes. Common Core: Geometry  K.3.1, 1.G.1 2.G.1, 3.G.1

  • A pod of fourteen right whales are feeding under the arctic ice. Four leave to hunt elsewhere. How many are left? Five subtraction word problems with an endangered animal theme.
  • 3 tens = 30; 1 ten + 3 tens = X tens; 2 worksheets. Common Core: 1.NBT.1, 2.NBT.2
  • Four flashcards to a page; analog clock faces. Common Core Math: Measurement & Data 1.MD.3

  • "Susan saw ten butterflies today. She saw four butterflies in the morning. How many did she see in the afternoon?" Eight simple word problems using addition and subtraction up to twenty.
  • Page-size clock face shows the hours and minutes. Comes with hands to cut out and attach.
    Common Core Math: Measurement & Data 1.MD.3

  • Explanation of different triangles according to their angles, followed by two practice page: one labeling triangles, and one creating triangles to match their descriptions.
  • No matter what time you work with math, our new "Morning Math" series is a great way to open students' eyes to the daily uses of math. Simple word problems for beginning math students ("Draw 5 apples. Put an X over 3 of them. How many apples do you have?") start the series.
    Common Core: K.OA1, K.OA2, 1.OA1

  • All 20 of our shape posters in one easy download: quadrilaterals (square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram), triangles (equilateral, isoceles, scalene, right, obtuse, acute), curved shapes (circle, oval, crescent), other polygons (pentagon, hexagon, octagon); one per page, each with a picture and a definition. Common Core: Geometry  K.3.1, 1.G.1 2.G.1, 3.G.1

  • A blackline house for multiplication and division "fact families" to live in.
  • Jerry is seven years old. Alice is two years older than Jerry... One page, six problems.
  • "There are six clowns in the Champions Circus. The ringmaster hires four new clowns. Three of the old clowns begin to train as acrobats. How many clowns are there now?" Answer the four clown-themed questions and solve a riddle.
  • The text of the poem, followed by a cloze exercise, writing prompts, a word search, several pages of "time telling" practice, a booklet of the text to illustrate, and word cards to put in order. A great little unit! Common Core: Measurement & Data - 1.MD.3  Reading: RL.1.1, RL.1.10

  • A one page illustrated chart of a clock face and color coded explanation of the small and large hands.

    Common Core Math: Measurement & Data 1.MD.3

  • This packet contains an overview, for both teachers and parents, of the common core standards for first grade math. Ten student-friendly posters describe standards in easy to undertand terms.. 4 student checklists, written in student-friendly language, are included for students to track their mastery of each standard. These checklists are appropriate for use in the students' portfolio or for parent conferences.

  • [member-created with abctools] From "addends" to "square number". These vocabulary building word strips are great for word walls.

  • Maddie finds 3 sand dollars. She then spies 4 sea urchins. What is the total number of items that Maddie has found since she started searching?
  • Poster showing four different triangles according to their angles, with two activities to test concept.Common Core: Geometry  K.3.1, 1.G.1 2.G.1, 3.G.1

  • Use this game to reinforce telling time and to practice matching 10:30 to ten thirty; digital and word time cards; typical activity picture cards (I get up, I eat breakfast).
    Common Core Math: Measurement & Data 1.MD.3

  • Glue the four shells that make a math fact family into the correct places.