Thinking and Writing

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  • Read Kipling's poem on adulthood, and fill in the missing verbs. Then match the lines to their modern-day equivalents. Finally, discussion (or essay) questions to address the themes of the poem: adulthood, coming of age, etc. This lesson is adaptable to a variety of levels.
  • Note taking and paragraph writing are essential study skills. Learn how to take notes on the important content found in nonfiction texts. Learn how to compose strong original paragraphs from the notes taken.
  • Students exercise logic and creativity to complete sentences with probable causes and predictable effects.
  • Rosa and Thomas both have ideas about peer pressure and bravery, but they have different ways of responding. Compare the two stories using charts; answer short questions; make predictions about the future. A good character education lesson. Common Core: ELA: Reading Literature: RL.5.3