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Fictional Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4

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  • This 1 page realistic fiction selection is about how "Amy went to the pond with her little brother Mike" and collected some frog eggs to take home and watch the transformation of pollywogs to frogs. It is followed by 5 multiple choice questions and 4 questions that require brief written responses.
  • Tracy photographs a volcanic eruption, when mountain climbing with her parents. Multiple choice, short response questions.
  • Dr. Karen is the local veterinarian. A good lesson for a "jobs" classes, or for talking about pet care.
  • Alexis's family is going to Hawaii and she is terrified of coral snakes. Multiple choice and short response questions; highlighted dolch words level 1; crossword created with abcteach tools.
  • Bill's brother think he will be tall enough this summer to go on Enormo at Arnie's Awesome Water Slide Park. Multiple choice and short answer questions.
  • Jesse's sister and her friends won't play with him, until he gets a new talent from a talking fish. Comp and short reponse questions
  • A realistic fiction reading comprehension about a boy and a magic cap, followed by 6 multiple choice questions and 4 questions requiring a short written response.
  • Will the eerie moan ruin the groups summer camping trip to the forest? Multiple choice and short answer comprehension questions.
  • "I think that Aunt Kathleen was really lonely after Aunt Heidi left." A realistic fiction story with comprehension questions.
  • A one page story about Cat, her dog and her skateboard with multiple choice and short answer questions, dolch word list and crossword puzzle.
  • Read a fictional story about a walk in the rain forest, and then write an imaginative journal entry.
  • Tyler and Hannah are overwhelmed by the number of search results they get for the word Internet, when trying to research for an assignment. Mother helps them start the paper by explaining some of the changes the Internet has brought.
  • A set of exercises for the book, Fox at School, by Edward Marshall, with matching, word unscramble, cut and paste, writing exercises and a word search and crossword puzzle.
  • Eight pages of activities based on the Ukranian folktale, The Mitten. Includes completion questions, true/false, writing and drawing prompts, and short answer questions, story mapping, a crossword and a word search puzzle.
  • "Phil the ground hog had been sleeping in his snug underground burrow since November." A fictional reading comprehension for Groundhog Day.
  • Jim learn about the effect of habitat change on a trip to the zoo with his Dad, where he see an Iberian Lynx and a Bavarian Pine Vole. Includes multiple choice questions, short answer questions and a writing prompt.
  • An easy bridge shaped word search and an easy word unscramble based on words found in the text of the short fiction, "Do You See the Brooklyn Bridge?"
  • An easy word search and word unscramble using words found in the text of the short fiction "Going Over Niagara Falls with Jack."
  • Jim's favorite tree has even more cherries than it did the previous year, and he and his brother have some ideas of what to do with the big crop. Includes multiple choice questions and short answer questions.
  • Mike's fat fishing worms mysteriously disappear from his new bait holder. Readers are invited to write their own ending to solve the mystery as a writing prompt. Also includes a page of multiple choice and a page of short answer questions.
  • A five page writing focused book unit for the Jigsaw Jones Mystery, The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster, by James Preller. Also, contains true/false and multiple choice questions and a story map exercise. See also abcteach tools for this story.
  • A short story follow the things Brian and Tina learn about heart health on their visit to the doctor. Includes short response questions and a multiple choice question sets, along with a writing prompt to help children plan healthy practices for their family.
  • A two page guide to water safety, with multiple choice questions and a set of short answer questions.
  • This one-page reading comprehension follows a standardized testing format. An interesting story and great testing practice!