Writing Prompts - Themes, Seasonal and Thinking Skills

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  • Simple introduction with lots of practice. Nine pages and an answer key
  • Three pages of writing prompts and other activities related to writing and poetry, with a spring theme.
  • 13 pages for students to fill with memories of field trips, friendships and more, including space for drawings, cut outs, and other artwork. A great end-of-year project.
  • A short reading comprehension about a rainy fall day, followed by a "color and write" on the same theme.
  • 16 card strips for students to cut out, complete, and connect on a ring for a flip book of happy memories, from what they learned to what they loved.
  • A ten page book for students to fill in personal information, such as current favorites of all categories, goals made and met in the past year, friends, etc. A great way to encapsulate the past year, as well as create a lasting memento.
  • 12 half pages for students to fill in simple prompts and draw or attach pictures as illustrations for their favorite memories, etc.