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  • "On her tenth birthday, Ashleigh received $20 from her Aunt Liz..." Several pages of word problems about money using everyday examples that students can easily understand.
  • "In this village lived a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, and a yoga instructor." This fantastic unit contains a fictional story about how money works, threaded with clear explanations of important economic terms and theories, from "barter" to "unit of account". 16 pages; includes an answer page.
  • No matter what time you work with math, our new "Morning Math" series is a great way to open students' eyes to the daily uses of math. Simple word problems for beginning math students ("Draw 5 apples. Put an X over 3 of them. How many apples do you have?") start the series.
    Common Core: K.OA1, K.OA2, 1.OA1

  • Help students practice their understanding of money with these U.S. coin practice problems.
  • Who has 2 tens and 5 ones? Develop listening skills, practice numbers 1-99, and practice tens and ones place values with this all-class game.
  • Realistic coins and dollars enable the students to practice counting money.

  • Practice addition and subtraction skills by deducting the combined price of several items from a dollar amount. Colorful graphics help make the lessons fun.
  • Realistic coins and dollars enable the students to practice counting money.

  • Cut out the six money squares and paste them on the matching squares on the board.
  • "Cathy bought a bottle of glue and a box of crayons. How much did she spend?" Use the price list to solve these simple addition problems.
  • Count each set of coins and write the total amount.

  • Realistic coins enable the students to practice counting money.