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Problem Solving

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  • "Eddie can pick and clean ten pumpkins per hour. How many can he do in four hours? How many in five? How many in six?" Five Thanksgiving-themed skip counting (by tens) word problems.
  • Michael had nineteen balloons. Eight of them were red, four were blue, two were yellow, and the rest were green. How many were green? Six word problems.
  • Jennifer wants to buy a new hockey puck that costs $5.25. She has $2.30. She can earn 50 cents an hour by raking leaves. How many hours will she have to work to get the money she needs? Six word problems.
  • Three pages of complex math problems draw on critical thinking skills and logic in order to find the correct solution.
  • Create a story problem for this answer: Jacob had four caramel apples left over. Six word problems.
  • "For his science class at school, Charles wants to calculate how much his relatives eat on Thanksgiving. He weighs the food before it is served and then he weighs the leftovers. The food weighed 960 ounces. The leftovers weighed 89 ounces. How many ounces of food did his family eat?"
  • "There are fourteen boys in Mark’s chess club. For Thanksgiving they participate in a food drive. They visit 70 houses and collect a total of 210 cans of food. How many cans of food did they collect per house, on average?" Five Thanksgiving-themed division problems.
  • "Mr. Vogel is a farmer. He raised twenty turkeys this year. He sold eighteen and kept two as pets. He charged sixteen dollars per turkey. What was the total selling price?" Five Thanksgiving-themed multiplication word problems.
  • "Greg and his friends are making Thanksgiving decorations. Each child makes five. How many do four children make? How many do five make? How many do six make?" Five Thanksgiving-themed skip counting (by fives) word problems.
  • "Myron analyzed the caloric content of his Thanksgiving dinner for his science class. His serving of stuffing had 619 calories. His serving of pumpkin pie had 780 calories. His serving of turkey had 282 calories. How many calories were there in his stuffing and turkey combined?"
  • "Renee’s mother has forty-eight pieces of pumpkin pie on the counter in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. The dog eats six while she’s not looking. How many pieces of pie are left?"
  • "Yolanda’s Thanksgiving turkey weighs twenty pounds. Her family eats seventeen pounds at dinner. How many pounds are left?"
  • "Mike and his brother Pat are selling pumpkins they grew. If Mike sells nine and Pat sells seven, how many do they sell in all?" Five Thanksgiving-themed addition word problems.
  • "Look at the clock. What time does Brenda get up on Thanksgiving Day?" Five time-telling questions with clocks.
  • "Bud is helping his mother bake an apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner. He peels the apples. It takes him two minutes to peel an apple. How long does it take him to peel seven apples?" Five Thanksgiving-themed multiplication word problems.
  • "Ed and his sister are helping cook Thanksgiving dinner. They decide to have a potato-peeling contest. Ed peels twenty-two. His sister peels six more than that. How many did she peel?" Five Thanksgiving-themed addition word problems.