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Problem Solving

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  • John finished a bicycle race in second place. The first four people crossed the finish line at: one-twenty, a quarter after one, five minutes to one and 1:07. What time did John cross the finish line? Six word problems.
  • "Tracy collects forty-eight icicles for her science class. They are twenty-five inches long on average. What is the total length of the icicles Tracy collects?" Five winter-themed multiplication word problems.
  • Joseph has two cousins. The sum of their ages is 18 years. One cousin is four years older than the other. Mrs. Smith guessed that the ages were 7 and 11. Was her guess correct? Six word problems.
  • Thomas had a bag with 30 marbles. If 12 of them are red, what is the probability that he will pull a red one out randomly? Common Core: Grade 6 Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.A.1, 6.SPA.2

  • Three pages of complex math problems draw on critical thinking skills and logic in order to find the correct solution.
  • A set of 6 word problems, with lines to show work.

  • "Rebecca is going skiing with her family. It is a seventy-mile drive to the mountain where they ski. They have driven forty miles so far. How far is it to the mountain now?" Five winter-themed subtraction word problems.
  • Robert went to the store with $10.00. He bought a notebook, three pencils and two erasers. He came home with $2.89. How much money did he spend? Six word problems.
  • Jennifer wants to buy a new hockey puck that costs $5.25. She has $2.30. She can earn 50 cents an hour by raking leaves. How many hours will she have to work to get the money she needs? Six word problems.
  • "Bob's class is cutting out paper snowflakes to decorate the classroom. If each child cuts out two snowflakes, how many do five children cut? Six children? Seven children?" Five winter-themed word problems with skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.
  • "Mike's hockey team has scored an average of four goals in each of their last ten games. How many goals have they scored in all?" Five winter-themed multiplication word problems.
  • A poster to describe a suggested method of solving word problems.
  • "Clem really likes cross country skiing. Last week he skied twenty-one miles. This weekend he skied seven more miles. How many miles did he ski altogether?" Five winter-themed addition word problems.
  • Michael had nineteen balloons. Eight of them were red, four were blue, two were yellow, and the rest were green. How many were green? Six word problems.
  • "Pierre wants to buy a new mountain bike that costs $999. This summer, he earned $476 mowing lawns. This winter he has already earned $201 shoveling snow. How much money has he earned so far this year?" Five winter-themed addition word problems.
  • Create a story problem for this answer: Jacob had four caramel apples left over. Six word problems.