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Problem Solving

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  • "The duckling lived in a farm with 45 animals. There were 10 pigs, 12 goats, 5 dogs, 2 horses and the rest were sheep." Choose the equation that best expresses the word problem.
  • "Look at the clock. What time does Brenda get up on Thanksgiving Day?" Five time-telling questions with clocks.
  • "Yolanda’s Thanksgiving turkey weighs twenty pounds. Her family eats seventeen pounds at dinner. How many pounds are left?"
  • Four addition word problems with a Valentine's Day theme.
  • Michael had nineteen balloons. Eight of them were red, four were blue, two were yellow, and the rest were green. How many were green? Six word problems.
  • Converting word problems into equations and solving the equations. Common Core Math: 5.OA.1

    Common Core_Math_6.EE.A.1, 6.EE.A.2, 6.EE.A.3,
  • Jennifer wants to buy a new hockey puck that costs $5.25. She has $2.30. She can earn 50 cents an hour by raking leaves. How many hours will she have to work to get the money she needs? Six word problems.
  • "Mike and his brother Pat are selling pumpkins they grew. If Mike sells nine and Pat sells seven, how many do they sell in all?" Five Thanksgiving-themed addition word problems.
  • Thomas had a bag with 30 marbles. If 12 of them are red, what is the probability that he will pull a red one out randomly? Common Core: Grade 6 Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.A.1, 6.SPA.2

  • "Ed and his sister are helping cook Thanksgiving dinner. They decide to have a potato-peeling contest. Ed peels twenty-two. His sister peels six more than that. How many did she peel?" Five Thanksgiving-themed addition word problems.
  • "Bud is helping his mother bake an apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner. He peels the apples. It takes him two minutes to peel an apple. How long does it take him to peel seven apples?" Five Thanksgiving-themed multiplication word problems.
  • "On her tenth birthday, Ashleigh received $20 from her Aunt Liz..." Several pages of word problems about money using everyday examples that students can easily understand.
  • "Mary did six exercises and studied three pages a day. By the end of one week, how many exercises had she done, and how many pages had she studied?" One page of word problems, with addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Joseph has two cousins. The sum of their ages is 18 years. One cousin is four years older than the other. Mrs. Smith guessed that the ages were 7 and 11. Was her guess correct? Six word problems.
  • A set of problem solving cards with 6 different scenarios. Some of them are brain teasers, and you may need to think in different ways to solve the problem.

  • "Cathy bought a bottle of glue and a box of crayons. How much did she spend?" Use the price list to solve these simple addition problems.
  • Kyle had four bags of candy that he bought for $1.50 per bag. Each bag has six pieces of candy in it. How many more bags does he need to buy to give each of his twenty-five classmates one piece? How much will it cost altogether? Six word problems.