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  • Cornucopia clip art coloring page will make a colorful decoration once colored. Nice illustration for the Thanksgiving season.
  • Three printable cards with graphics to color and lines for writing facts about the Pilgrims.
  • Seven pages: 1) an overview planner; 2) WHO was on board; 3) WHAT did the Mayflower look like; 4) WHEN - make a timeline; 5) WHERE- map the Mayflower's route; 6) WHY- writing prompts about the Pilgrims; 7) HOW- planning the trip.
  • Six great fact-filled reading comprehensions in one place: Who Were the Pilgrims?; The Mayflower; The Mayflower Compact; The First Year; Squanto; The "First" Thanksgiving.
  • The pages for this book unit include: 1 page of background information and suggested activities and discussion topics; a writing activity on moving to a new country; a writing activity about a time when you felt that you were different from others; an story boarding activity; a compare and contrast activity including Venn Diagram; templates for differentiated activities choices; and templates for rubrics and scoring student work; a word search and answer key. (11 pages)
  • A factual reading comprehension on the historical mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke.
  • "If each pair of stockings sells for one shilling, how much will she earn?" Conversion problems and word problems introduce shillings, farthings, etc. A great combination math/history lesson.