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What if I can't log in using my User Name and Password?

There are multiple reasons as to why you may not be able to log in to the member site.

*Making and saving a typo in your email address (User Name) or Password is the most common reason. To correct this, you need to open the login box and erase everything in the User Name and the Password line. Retype the information in the user name and password line. If you have a checkmark next to the word: Remember my Password, leave it there, now click OK. This will 'resave' everything.

*You may be using either the wrong password or user name. You can ask for a 'Password Reminder' to be sent to your email by clicking on the word Overview under the title My Account located in the bottom of the abcteach homepage at this link:

If you continue to have problems, please contact technical support at this link for help: