Habitats Activity

You will need:

  1. Habitat picture page  (Color page  or  Black and white page)
  2. Box of animal crackers for each child or group

Objective: Students will identify what habitats animals live in.


  1. Give each child (group) a box of animal crackers and a habitat picture page.
  2. Have them sort the animals into the habitats they belong.
  3. Have the students discuss why the animals belong in the habitats they put them in.
  4. Have students compare with another student or group.  Discuss differences.
  5. Use reference materials if they are not sure.

Optional Activity. Make a graph with the data presented. 

  1. Label the graph with a title.
  2. Label one side of the graph "Number of Animals".
  3. Label the bottom part of the graph "Habitats".
  4. List the habitats.
  5. Count the number of animal cracker animals in each habitat.
  6. Record on the graph.