Dino Writing Ideas 

You need:  imagination and a pencil

  1. Write about going back in time to the Jurassic Period.  Describe your adventures.

  2. Pretend you are a lonely dinosaur looking for friends.  Write a story.  Make sure you have a setting, characters, theme or conflict and solution to your story. See story planner .

  3. Make a timeline of the dinosaur eras. Write pretend events that the dinosaurs may have had.  Use your imagination, this is fantasy.  For example:  The Dinosaur Holiday Ball. Illustrate.

  4. Using the following characters, write a story.  Illustrate.

5.  Write similes.  A dinosaur is as big as a ________________.

6.  Write tongue twisters or alliterations.  The dark dinosaur digs dirt during the day.

7. Write an acrostic poem. 

D _______________