abcteach                           Measurement                  

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Fill in the blanks: Use the space on the side to figure out your problems.

1.   One pint equals ______ cups

2.  Two pints equal ________ quart.

3.  One gallon equals _______ quarts.

4.  Two gallons equal _______quarts.

5.  One quart equals ________ cups.

6.  One cup equals ________ ounces.

7.  One-half gallon equals _____ quarts.

Problem Solving  (Work with a partner if you want.)

8.  Jamie has a half gallon of milk.  She needs 5 cups to make her Cream of Tomato soup.  Does she have enough milk?  Figure our your answer and show you work.  You can draw pictures to help you.




9.  The recipe for a batch of brownies calls for one cup of chocolate syrup .  John has a  one quart container of chocolate syrup.  How many batches of brownies can John make? Draw a picture and show your work.