abcteach                   Olympic Trivia   


Here are some interesting facts about the Olympics:

The first Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece.
The first Olympic games honored the Greek God, Zeus.
The first Modern Olympic games were in 1896.
There are Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics.  They are every four years.  They are two years apart from each other.
Over 200 countries participated in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
The lighting of the Olympic Flame, after a long torch relay, is the traditional start of the Olympic games.
The Olympic Rings are five interlocking rings that stand for the five original continents, (Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe) and the athletes from around the world.
The Sydney 2000 games began on September 15th and ran through October 1, 2000.

Project Ideas: 

Use the information above;

  1. to make Did You Know cards and display
  2. to make a poster, including facts and pictures
  3. Choose one topic and research it and write a report
  4. Make a poster depicting the Olympic Rings
  5. Make a map and show the route of the Olympic torch relay
  6. Make a shape book and include the above facts.  Add pictures and color.