Rain Forest Crafts        

  Feather Birds:

  You need:
  Craft feathers
  bird pattern http://abcteach.com/RainforestFacts/birdpattern.htm

  Trace the bird pattern on poster board or print on card stock.
  Glue feathers on both sides.
  Punch a hole in the top and add string.
  Hang in the room.


  Scaly Snake:

  You need:
  Tissue paper or felt cut into circles, green, brown, etc. depending on
  the specie of snake.
  snake pattern 

Print pattern on card stock.
Glue felt or tissue on the pattern in layers.

To make a puppet: Layer or color both sides.  Add a long string by the front of the snake and one towards the end. Move the string up and down to make the snake squiggle.