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This center was contributed to abcteach 
by Kimberly Myers-Bender and Pamela Gill Huntington, New York

1. ART--Seal Glyph

A glyph is like a secret code. Each part of the drawing is symbolic of children’s individual preferences.


Children will be able to artistically express themselves while following a multi-step procedure.



-chart paper with glyph directions

-white drawing paper (9"x12", 12"x18")

-pencils, crayons, black Sharpie markers, water color paints



Display simple sketch or photograph of two seals: one from the Arctic region, one from Antarctica. (We chose two from http://www.enchantedlearning.com  :  Northern Fur Seal from the Arctic and Weddell or Harp Seal from Antarctica.)

Using these pictures, children pencil sketch the outline of the seal of their choice. Then they follow the glyph (secret code) to individualize the details of their seals.

Sample Glyph:

eyes- draw eye looking...

...up if you have brown eyes.

...down if you have blue eyes.

...left if you have green eyes.

...right if you have hazel eyes.

whiskers- draw # of whiskers accordingly.

If you have...

...curly hair, make 4.

...straight hair, make 6.

...a buzz cut, make 8.

...spiky hair, make 10.


mouth- Make the mouth...

...smiling if you are 6.

...frowning if you are 7.


flipper- If you chose an...

...Arctic seal, make your flipper pointing upwards.

...Antarctic seal, make your flipper pointing downwards.


* Feel free to design your glyph to the needs of your class.


When their seal sketches are complete, they outline with black Sharpie or other permanent markers. Then they color their seals with crayons and brush over with water color paints.