Traditional Childhood Games

Simon Says:
-  Choose one child to be "Simon"
-  Throughout the game, "Simon" directs the other children in doing things in place(such as
    "touch your nose" or "spin around"), sometimes using the phrase, "Simon Says"
-  When the phrase "Simon Says" is used, the other children must do the directed action
-  If a child does the wrong action, or does the right one but "Simon" did NOT say "Simon
    Says," then that child is "out" and can sit down for the rest of the game
-  The last child standing is the winner and the next "Simon"(if there is more than one child left,
    they are all declared winners and can use Rock-Paper-Scissors to find the new "Simon")
**Hint: When directing, "Simon" may use actions and movements to either help or mislead
    the other children

Things you will need:
the top and bottom of a square gift box (about 4" across and 2 1/2 " deep)
tempera paint
Glue bottle or glue gun
super ball

1. With your paint, decorate your boxes any way you want. (zig-zags, polka dots, stripes, ect.)

2.After the paint dries, cut a medium size square in the wider part of the box.(the cover or the box)

3 .Glue the part with the hole bottom down to the top of the other part.

                How to play:
The first person stands about a foot away from the box. They then throw the ball in the box and try to get it in the hole. If it goes in, they get a point. The person with the most points wins.

Hide and Seek:

This is a classic favorite.  When babysitting please have kids know the boundaries.  Do not let them to unsupervised areas.


Note to Babysitters:  If  a very young child wants to play.  Assign them a partner for safety reasons.  You should always be a supervisor rather than a player.

Mother May I


Other possible directions from the person who is IT.

  1. giant steps

  2. normal steps

  3. tiny steps

  4. tip toe

Have fun!

Name Tag Ball

You need a soft kickball, or beach ball. (do not use a hard ball for this game)

Note to babysitters:  The ball must be soft...At no time should this be a rough game.  Most kids love to play this.

Red Rover (you need a group to play this game)

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