Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

Materials Needed:


  1. Pick out several different colorful leaves and press between the pages of a book or magazine to flatten for a day or two. 
  2. When flattened out, place leaves on the waxed side of a piece of wax paper. Shave bits of crayon or colored candle (adult supervision needed to make crayon shavings) over the leaves and wax paper. 
  3. Cover with another sheet of wax paper, waxed side down. Set iron on low setting, place an old cloth on ironing board or table to protect it. (Adult supervision for ironing) 
  4. Carefully iron the wax paper for a few seconds until all the wax is melted. Let cool.
  5. Cut out shapes and hang them individually with a piece of ribbon or yarn in a window as sun catchers or make a mobile using a hanger.