Recipe for Paper-mache
Materials Needed: 


  1.  Tear long newspaper strips about one to two inches wide. 
  2.  Use your form such as the balloon.
  3.  Blow up the balloon or put crumbled newspaper in a brown bag and shape the bag.
  4.  When you choose your shape, remember you will have to remove your form when the project is complete so cover your form with plastic beforehand (a plastic grocery bag).  If you are using a balloon, you can just pop the balloon. 
  5.   In a mixing bowl, combine water and flour until you have a paste that's thin enough to coat the paper strips.
    Experiment first with some small quantities first. If the mixture is too thin, the paper will turn into a soggy mush.
  6. Dip the paper into the paste and use your index finger and middle finger to act like a squeegee to run down the strip of paper.
  7. Place the strip on your form, crisscrossing to make overlapping layers.
  8. When you are done, place in a warm, dry area to dry.

Once the design is completely dry 

 Again, this is one project that your imagination can go wild. It's quite messy, but the results are worth it.