Make an Autograph Book!

Kids of all ages love autograph books.  They are easy to make.  Follow the steps below to make an autograph book.

You will need:  


Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

Glue (use a safe school glue)




  1. Decide on a shape for the book.  It can be a rectangle, square or circle.  Or use a shape pattern .  Click here to view shape patterns: Shapes

  2. Make (or print out) ten or more pages for the book.

  3. Make the cover reflect you or the kids you are helping.  Draw, cut out pictures from the magazine etc. that show their interests, hobbies, sports etc.

  4. Staple together or Punch two hole along the side and tie with ribbon or yarn.

  5. Have friends sign your book. 

Note to babysitters.  You can make one of these for yourself and have the kids you baby-sit sign it.  Then help them make their own.