Dioramas are easy and fun to make.  Just follow the instructions below.

You will need:

A shoe box or similar sized box (keep lid if you have one.)


pencils, crayons, markers


yarn, scraps of material or anything for extra effects.

Step 1.  Decide on a theme. (for example; rainforest, oceans, dinosaurs, football...etc.)

Step 2. 

Cut a piece a paper to fit the back (inside) of the box and two pieces for the sides.  

Draw the setting on these pieces of paper. (For example; the rainforest theme would have trees and vines)  Color.

Paste the setting pieces in the box.

Step 3.

Draw and color individual pieces: (for example; the rainforest would have monkeys, snakes, butterflies, parrots, etc.).

Decide where you want these to be in the diorama.
Some should be back and some forward, some could be hanging from the top or attached to the side. You can use yarn to hang things.

HINT:  To make your objects stand up...fold the bottom 1/4 inch back.  Glue the bottom to the floor of the diorama.  If the object falls backward make a small strip and attach it to the back of the object on one side and the other side can be attached to the back or bottom.

Step 4.

 Use the extra materials to add the finishing touches. You can use small plastic animals, people, etc.

Have fun.  Store for future use by putting the lid on the box.

For those who are creative:  Write a story or a play to go with your diorama.