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Word List:
cat, I fed my ____ and my dog.
hat, My _____ keeps my head warm.
sat, I ____ on the chair
bat, I hit the ball with a ____.
batter, The ____ hit a homerun.
matter, What is the _____?
rat, My pet ____ is in a cage.
mat, I sat on a _____.
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Note: Selecting a Font Family changes the Font list to show fonts in that family.
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This form can be used to create printable crossword puzzles. Puzzles can be printed in a variety of colors, fonts, and font sizes.

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To create or change a crossword puzzle:

  1. Choose a word list for your puzzle.
  2. Type in any instructions you would like to appear on your printed puzzle.
  3. Choose a font family and a font size.
  4. Choose a font.
  5. Choose a maximum height and width, or choose a width or height setting of 'Auto' to have the puzzle creator fit the puzzle height or width to your words.
  6. Choose a color for the clues.
  7. Choose a background and border color, and border size for the entire puzzle.
  8. Choose an outline and background color for the individual letter squares.
  9. Choose a size for the individual letter squares. Since this setting changes the size of each square on the puzzle, it also affects the size of the entire puzzle.
  10. Choose whether a border should be printed around the puzzle or not.
  11. Choose whether the finished puzzle should be printed in a landscape or portrait page orientation.
  12. Click on the "Print/Preview your Crossword" button.

Your crossword will be displayed in a new window. To preview and print your crossword, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

If you use a word list with more than a few words, it may be impossible for the puzzle to be generated within the smallest maximum width and height available. For example, any list with 20 words will almost certainly not fit within a 10x10 grid. Under these circumstances, the puzzle creator will display a warning. If you try to create a puzzle and you get such a warning, you should be able to avoid the warning by choosing a larger size for the maximum width and/or height of the puzzle. Alternatively, you can choose a maximum width and/or height setting of 'Auto' to allow the puzzle creator to choose appropriate settings for you.