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Getting started with abcWorkshop: Written Tutorial

Getting Started with abcWorkshop

What is abcWorkshop?

abcWorkshop is an online tool for drawing, writing, and coloring on abcteach educational documents. Using your tablet or computer, you'll be able to complete worksheets, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and more. abcWorkshop is built for ease of use in an educational environment. Other annotation tools are cumbersome and geared towards business users, while abcWorkshop is designed with teachers and students in mind.
Note: This guide is written from the perspective of a tablet user. If you are using abcWorkshop on a personal computer, replace the word "tap" with "click."


abcWorkshop may be used with any printable PDF or Clip Art document from abcteach.

To use abcWorkshop, you'll need:
  • An internet connection.
  • An active abcteach membership. If you don't have a membership, you can test out abcWorkshop on select documents on our free site.
  • One of the following:
    • iPad or iPad Mini running iOS 7 or greater
    • Android tablet running Android 5.0 or greater
    • Computer running the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer (Version 9 or greater)

Create mode

In the blue sidebar with the orange "create" label, you'll find icons for the four main tools at your disposal. The tools are named Write, Pencil, Marker, and Shape. When you tap one of the tools, you will enter "create mode" for the tool you selected. The tool icons will be replaced with editing options for the selected tool. You'll know you're in create mode because a green dashed line will appear around the entire page. In create mode, you can create new annotations on the page. Press the red undo button to undo the last annotation you made.
Important: To move and edit existing annotations, you will need to exit create mode by pressing the green circle with the checkmark labeled "done." See Editing your annotations below for more information.

Using the tools

Write: Tapping on the page when in the text tool's create mode will create a new text area on the page. Editing the font, color, and size options (located in the blue sidebar) will change the appearance of the most recent text area. When you're finished typing, press the green "done" button . To create another text area, simply tap on another area of the page. To move an existing text area to a new location, you will need to exit create mode by pressing the green "done" button.

Note: on iPads and some tablets, you will need to press the dismiss keyboard button to exit create mode if the green done button is not visible.

Pencil: The pencil tool draws solid lines. To draw, simply tap and drag on the screen. Adjusting the size or color of the line will change the appearance of the next line that is drawn. When you are done drawing lines, press the green done button to exit create mode.

Marker: The marker tool draws slightly transparent lines, which is particularly useful for highlighting and coloring. Other than appearance, this tool functions identically to the pencil tool.

Shape: The shape tool allows you to create a number of different shapes on the page. Changing the shape, color, and size options will affect the last shape created. To move an existing shape to a new location, you will need to exit create mode by pressing the green "done" button .

Editing your annotations

Selecting an annotation: to select an existing annotation, tap on it. When it is selected, you will see a green dashed line surrounding the object.

Modifying appearance: Once selected, you can adjust the attributes of the selected object using the options in the tool bar. You can delete the object by pressing the red delete button .

Moving an annotation: to move an existing annotation, tap on the object and drag it around the screen.

Confirming changes: Once you have made your edits, press the green done button to exit editing mode.

Saving and sharing

Tap the "Save" button in the blue sidebar to bring up the save panel. Here you can:
  • Download or Print: On a tablet, this will display the finished document as a PDF. You can then print or save it to the app of your choice. On your computer, a copy of your finished will be saved to your hard drive.
  • Share via Email: compose an email that includes your edited document as an attachment.
  • Create a Shareable Link: create a link that you can use to return to your edited document in abcWorkshop.

Page options

On the page you'll also see the following icons.

Zoom in on the page

Zoom out on the page

Rotate the page clockwise by 90°

Clear all edits or delete the current page

View this help document

Hide or view the pages panel. On the pages panel, select the thumbnail of a page to switch the main view to that page. Tap the "Add New Page" thumbnail to add a blank page to your document.


abcteach is very interested in your feedback and experiences with abcWorkshop. Please send all feedback regarding abcWorkshop to us using this contact form.