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  • Easy Addition problems with room to draw a picture to help determine the answer.  Sample pictures helps student understand the concept.  Common Core - Operations and Alegbraic Thinking- K.OA.1

  • 4 pages of word problems dealing with adding and subtracting to 20. Asks students to compare and relate numbers. Includes multi-step problems. Students will draw a picture to demonstrate their thinking and write a number sentence. CC: Math: 1.O.A.A.1

  • With abcWorkshop, your students can draw, color, write, and add shapes on abcteach printables and clip art. This feature will be available exclusively to abcteach members.
  • This Addition and Subtraction (up to 10) Math is perfect to practice addition skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Addition and Subtraction (up to 10) Math. printable math worksheets, five pages of addition and subtration problems, includes answer key.
  • This Add Up the Change! Worksheet is perfect to practice addition skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Add Up the Change! Worksheet. Roll a die with coin pictures on the faces (available on abcteach) or draw coins out of a bag. Write the value of each coin in the row, then add up the row.
  • A set of easy addition pages with space to draw objects to help determine the answer. Common Core: Operations and Alegbraic Thinking KOA.1

  • This Pumpkins Numbers 1-12 Math is perfect to practice counting skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Pumpkins Numbers 1-12 Math. Four pumpkins to a page, with numbers 1-12. Includes minus, add, and equal signs. Room to draw pumpkin faces.
  • Draw objects or use stickets to show the number sentence. Trace the equation. Add 10 to 1-9 to find sums 11-19.

    Common Core Math: K.NBT.1

  • This 3 page lesson is suitable for guided or independent practice for solving word problems that add/subtract up to 20. There are three questions per page with room for students to draw a picture. CC: Math: 1.0.A.A.1

  • Use this 'Scarecrow Theme Unit: Math and Literacy (kdg)' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Scarecrow Theme Unit: Math and Literacy (kdg)'. Scarecrow themed unit that includes; color and write, vocabulary, drawing, counting with ten frames, tally marks, greater than or less than and simple addition.

  • Realistic fiction story is followed by 5 multiple choice questions and 3 questions requiring brief written responses. Add to the lesson by asking students to write "What happens next?"
  • Draw an arrow from the heart with the problem to the heart with the correct answer.
  • This Medieval Addition (primary) Worksheet is perfect to practice addition skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Medieval Addition (primary) Worksheet. "Help the knight find a path to the castle. Draw a path through each stone with an answer of 8."
  • This Domino Fact Families Activity Math is perfect to practice addition and subraction skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Domino Fact Families Activity Math. Select a domino, draw the dots and write the fact family for the numbers on the domino. This activity can be played alone or in a small group. Includes a set of paper dominoes, worksheet, instructions, and a center sign. CC: Math: K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.5, 1.OA.B.3, 1.OA.B.4
  • Seven colorful math pages for geometry practice. Draw and build shapes. Divide shapes into halves and quarters. May be used for student practice or to model use of corresponding printable math mats. CC: Math: 1.G.A.1-3

  • Spring themed math and literacy packet for early kindergarten through first grade. Includes addition, subtraction, telling time, counting by five's, write a poem or story, and draw a springtime picture.

  • Spring themed math and literacy packet for second and third grade. Includes multiplicaton, division, telling time, skip counting, write a spring poem or draw a picture.

  • Roll dice to make a number for skill practice. Includes pages for Decimal, Fraction, Improper Fraction, and Mixed Number. Decimal skills include: place value, rounding, addition, subtraction, money, doubling, number line, and writing in standard form, word form, expanded form, and expanded notation. Fraction skills include: numberator, denominator, word form, equivalents, decomposing, conversation, addition, subtraction, and drawing the fraction as part of a whole, set, strip diagram, and on a number line.

  • A Christmas stocking shape book of math story problems about Christmas cookies. Six problems and answer page.
  • A set of three blank, black and white, foldable Thanksgiving greeting cards with line drawing illustration to color and elementary handwriting lines to add message.
  • Fill in the blanks with this sentence builder template. Can be used with abcWorkshop! Add your own text, drag and drop into place, draw a picture, and write the sentence.