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  • Short reading, recipe and worksheet on the traditional Spanish Christmas delicacy, the "turrón." English only version, with U.S. measurements. Lectura, receta, y preguntas sobre el turrón, un dulce típico de la Navidad en España. En inglés.
  • A PowerPoint presentation about the traditions of Hanukkah.
  • A two page reading comprehension on the traditions and symbols of royal weddings of the United Kingdom,with details on which were accepted or rejected for Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding in 2011. Includes short answer questions and a writing prompt.
  • Get to know a French tradition and try a recipe. Finish the sentences based on the picture, answer questions. Reading comprehension. Se familiariser avec une tradition française et essayer une recette. Compléter les phrases selon l'image, répondre aux questions. Compréhension de lecture.
  • Updated: This easy to read narrative describes some Valentine's Day traditions. Includes reading, comprehension questions and draw a picture with short answer. Great for Valentine's Day!

  • Use this 'Writing Prompt: Thanksgiving (elementary)' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Writing Prompt: Thanksgiving (elementary)'. "On Thanksgiving Day, it is traditional in my family to..." Narrow-lined paper with this prompt and an illustration of a turkey at the top.
  • "On Thanksgiving Day, my family..." Wide-lined paper for writing about family traditions on Thanksgiving Day, with a small illustration of a turkey at the top.
  • "We celebrate Halloween every year on October 31st. Where does the holiday come from?" Learn the answer to the origin of the holiday, as well as some traditions, with this reading comprehension.
  • A fact-filled one page nonfiction selection explaining the origins and many traditions of Hanukkah is followed by 6 multiple choice questions and 5 questions that require brief written responses.
  • Boxing Day is December 26th. Learn about the traditional English holiday with this reading comprehension.
  • Use this 'Comprehension: Christmas (elem/upper elem)' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Comprehension: Christmas (elem/upper elem)'. A straightforward presentation of the Christmas story, including information about secular and religious Christmas traditions. It is followed by 6 multiple choice questions and 5 questions that require brief written reponses.
  • Color this picture of a traditional Japanese carp kite (koinobori) or use as a decoration, part of a poster, or to illustrate a report.
  • Use this 'Color and Write: Holiday Mask' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Color and Write: Holiday Mask'. A picture to color and space to write about a mask.
  • This one page reading comprehension activity describes a traditional Czech Easter. It is followed by 8 questions that require written responses.
  • An introduction to the traditions of the Opening Olympics Ceremony as they were observed in Australia in 2000.
  • This fact filled reading comprehension presents the solstice celebration as a cross-cultural observance of the beginning of winter.
  • From "leprechaun" to "traditional", these twelve March-themed spelling words are reinforced with a word search, dictionary skills practice, and more.
  • Learn about Greek festivals and holidays with this informative reading comprehension.
  • Name plate with upper and lower case letters in traditional cursive.
  • Five pages of Thanskgiving traditions to color.
  • "Roses are ___. Violets are __." Fill in the missing words with tradition or imagination; heart shaped frames make a nice bulletin board decoration.
  • From "anthem" to "White House".
  • From "American flag" to "Washington D.C.". These vocabulary building word strips are great for word walls.
  • From "bald eagle" to "White House". These vocabulary building word strips with pictures are great for word walls, sentence strips, spelling and vocabulary practice.
  • This Halloween Clip Art is perfect to practice tally and graphing skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Halloween Clip Art. Use the tally sheet and graph form to determine favorite Halloween traditions.
  • This one page reading comprehension selection traces the origins of some Halloween traditions to the Celts, Romans, and early Christians. It is followed by 4 multiple choice questions and 6 questions that require brief witten responses.
  • Report planner, KWL, and lined paper to write a report on the winter solstice.
  • Imagine that you were in charge of all the solstice celebrations for an imaginary country...
  • What winter holidays do you celebrate?...
  • Choose a religion or culture that celebrates the winter solstice...
  • Reading comprehension explaining Candlemas as a French holiday tradition when people eat crêpes. Recipe included. Texte anglais au sujet de la fête de la Chandeleur où certains Français mangent des crêpes. Recette inclue. Vérification de la compréhension de lecture.
  • This one page reading comprehension selection presents some of the traditions of Diwali through the eyes of a young Indian boy. It is followed by 3 multiple choice questions, 6 true-false questions, and 4 questions that require brief written responses.
  • Use this 'Spelling: Thanksgiving (upper elem)' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Spelling: Thanksgiving (upper elem)'. 20 words, from "blessing" to "tradition", are presented in this spelling unit, which features dictation, syllable work, abc order, and more.
  • Fill in the missing letters or words for the months of the year and the days of the week on this calendar in the traditional French format. Écrire les lettres ou les mots qui manquent pour les mois de l'année et les jours de la semaine sur ce calendrier du format français traditionnel.
  • Una página para escribir sobre algunas tradiciones familiares de Navidad. A page to write some Christmas family traditions.
  • "A bunny lives in a burrow." Match traditional Easter animals and the animal babies to their habitats.
  • A picture to color and lines to write a very short story with caroling theme words from a word bank.
  • Poster describes the fallacy and gives examples. "Of course we should drive big cars. We've always driven big cars."
  • PowerPoint template with pictures of Wampanoag, Mayflower, Pilgrims and traditional food items.
    Requires PowerPoint 10

  • This Math--Metric System Interactive Notebook is perfect to practice measurement skills. Your elementary grade students will love this Math--Metric System Interactive Notebook. Comprehensive introduction to basic concepts of the metric system of measurement with numerous related materials. Includes useful posters, interactive exercises, and printable worksheets. Emphasizes becoming familiar with the metric system, not converting to and from the traditional U.S. system. Interactive .notebook file for Smart Board.