5 Books to Help Strengthen Your Recovery

Both movements are catching on with more people, as evidenced by recent articles such as “The New Sobriety” and “Curious About Sober Curious?” (Men’s Health). This book will renew and refresh your belief in the steps and their ability to facilitate recovery in anyone’s life. We are proud to announce that we will be offering all aspects of our treatment including intimate groups, one on one therapy, and case management to individuals in all states from the comfort and safety of your home.

  • When I think about drinking I get a foul taste in my mouth & feel disgusted.
  • Andrew Weil (America’s most famous integrative medicine doc) wrote a great book called “Spontaneous Happiness” and it’s all about ALL THE THINGS in our lifestyles that contribute to anxiety and depression.
  • The fact that he survived his addiction is a miracle in of itself.
  • Especially not when you’re a crucial part of the cultural phenomenon called Star Wars.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to devour this book because it is ultimately a life-affirming story of resilience that is a must-read. By the Book Recovery will offer its sober living residents an environment of Hope. Our sober living centers are designed to help encourage addicts and alcoholics to apply the 12 principles behind the 12 steps to their daily affairs that they may have a better chance of being successful in life. We offer encouragement and workforce training to survive life in recovery. Sober Curious author Ruby Warrington has become a face of the sober curious movement—she’s quoted in both of the above articles.


Blackout, remembering the things I drank to forget by Sarah Hepola is a remarkable book and the one I first read that started me 18 days ago on the path to becoming sober. Alcoholism, like addiction, is about brain science, not personal character. This book explores the scientific backgrounds of potential medications for alcoholism and the gap https://ecosoberhouse.com/ in alcoholism treatment between complete abstinence and careful moderation. If you are struggling with your drinking, a trained therapist can help you find treatment. If you’re living with an alcoholic, you may also benefit from the support of a therapist or couples counselor. Annie’s book is so important (and she’s a wonderful human to boot).

Recovery-related books, AKA ‘quit lit,’ can be great for seeing how others have navigated similar experiences, gaining tips that can help you along your journey, and learning more about the science behind substance use. Here are my 29 favorite books related to alcohol recovery. Ann Dowsett Johnston brilliantly weaves her own story of recovery with in-depth research on the alarming rise of risky drinking among women.

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Haroutunian’s book is engaging, clearly written, and easy to understand. When I was in my first month sober back in 2015, Rachael Brownell’s book was one in a stack that I devoured each day to help me get through wine o’clock without succumbing to my Siren’s song that I “wasn’t that bad”. There have been many books and blogs written on the subject of women and alcohol addiction in the 13 years since Racheal’s book was published in 2009 and some are masterpieces in the genre. I read this little e-book when I was about 6 weeks sober. Most of the books I’d been reading up till then, were addiction /recovery biographies focused on stories of recovery through AA. Deemer helped me find my voice in sobriety as one of self-determination and independence.

TIME magazine has called Melody Beattie “an American phenomenon,” and this book—which has sold more than 5 million copies—is big reason why. When someone else’s problem becomes your problem, chances are very good that you’re codependent. And to say that codependency is prevalent among people whose loved ones are fighting addiction would be an understatement. When people we love are struggling and hurting, it’s so easy to throw ourselves right into the middle of their situation. We can’t control or “fix” anybody but ourselves, and Beattie does a masterful job of explaining how to reign in our codependent tendencies.

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Developed by registered dietitians, this book takes a new twist on classic cocktails. You’ll also find options for dessert drinks, frozen drinks, and holiday drinks without relying on sugar for flavor. This book offers a collection of elegant, complex, and sophisticated recipes that prove there’s so much more to zero proof beverages than overly sweet ‘mocktails’. Bainbridge combines unique ingredients with detailed preparation to create thoughtful and flavorful non-alcoholic beverages. This is more than a cookbook – it’s a captivating read and a gorgeous coffee table book to peruse over and over again. Plus, it’s sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party. This book serves as a guide for anyone starting their journey with a 30 day sobriety challenge.

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I have PTSD, and this book makes more sense than the 12 Steps by themselves. I was an occasional sober living blog binge drinker thinking of taking a break and then trying to moderate my drinking.

Amazing Books About Addiction & Recovery

Love him or loathe him, he has been outspoken about his sobriety, and our drinking cultures; breaking down stigmas and he speaks captivatingly on the subject. Falling in love with life is exactly what my sobriety has turned out to be. From The New Yorker – Leslie Jamison’s “The Recovering” and the Stories We Tell About Drinking What the literature of alcoholism suggests about the nature of addiction. Tolle talks about aspects of rising from depression in a way that I had never heard.

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