Website Prototyping: How to Develop a Prototype for Your Website!

InVision integrates with Asana, Adobe XD, Microsoft Teams, Sketch, Slack, Dropbox, and more. InVision enables you to create interactive prototypes and see how they would work on multiple devices. Here’s a brief description of each free prototyping app to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.

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A wireframe is commonly used to lay out content and functionality on a page which takes into account user needs and user journeys. Wireframes are used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added. When test participants provide negative feedback about your prototype, refrain from trying to defend it. Instead, ask clarifying questions to understand what exactly is wrong with your solution, and how you can improve it.

When to use a prototype

Validate if the design communicates what the product/website is at first glance. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Design web profile, dashboard or any other data-driven elements with premade charts like Pie, Bar and Line charts.

website prototype testing

Before launching the final product, you can always choose to pilot test it and see for yourself that everything is in order. Prototypes are not intended to help you collect volumes of data. Technically it’s possible, but insights from a couple of participants will deliver enough insights to make the next version better. prototype of website Prototype testing is about gathering actionable feedback fast, not collecting as much feedback as you can. Graphic design – Prototypes are just schematic representations of your final product, and they may not have all the visual elements. That’s why testing “look & feel” on prototypes is not possible in most cases.

How it looks inside UXtweak

Which stage the development is in also influences the types of tools needed. The platform creates a shareable live preview of the prototype, so you can show off your website or mobile app while implementing feedback and recommendations. Framer is a prototyping tool that helps design teams come together and work on the same prototype. The solution is great at wireframing and prototyping, and it enables you to wire up screens and frames for designs you created on other platforms. Figma is a design platform that helps you conceptualize, create, test, and deliver prototypes.

website prototype testing

Users never use all the functionalities of a product or website. Especially with our current tendency to multiply them in our tools, instead of minimizing their number. This question also may indicate what features users ignored or may have simply not noticed in the design.

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Give testers something to do – tasks that your users should be able to accomplish – and reveal weaknesses in your design. To evaluate new designs prior to the actual go live to ensure that the designs are clear, easy to use and meet users requirements. Although prototype testing may sound difficult, using the appropriate tools enables you to avoid some severe usability issues. – This question allows you to see what stood out the most to the user.

The prototype need not be a finalized copy of the final product, but it should contain real data to accurately test your microcopy through the prototype. The most important yet most obvious step is to build a prototype of the product that is to be tested. The type of prototype you would be building depends entirely on what you need to test and at what stage of product development you are currently at. Once the users have given their verdict and all the requirements are in place, you can take further steps. Clarity is what we look for in the first step, and knowing what to do is the only way of avoiding being vague in the development phase. Fixing a product while still in the testing phase is a much simpler and easier way of proceeding with the launch.

The last thing that you need to put all your attention is the cost of the prototype tool that you are going for. It is better to go for a free prototyping tool that comes with robust features, such as Wondershare Mockitt. Compare the prices of different tools, and then see whether it works on all the device or not. The tool that you will go for will depend a lot on the kind of features you will go for.

The product’s usability can only be maximized by gathering unbiased opinions during the new product testing phase. The first step of any prototype testing and evaluation is collecting and analyzing the user data and information. Here, the users or the general public are liable for giving their verdict on what they expect from a particular product. Before customers will believe in your brand, your team has to believe. Whether you’re building a new brand or revamping an existing one, brand sprints are ideal for trigger events such as naming your company, designing a logo, hiring an agency, or writing a manifesto. Some of the prototyping tools will let you collaborate with the team, share the mocktool, and get valuable inputs on the prototype that you have created.

Basic rules of prototype testing

Are two attempts at iOS simulators; however, as you’ll inevitably notice quickly, they are somewhat lacking in features. Our friendly support team is always willing to help and dive in when asked, to assist you with your project on a case-by-case basis. Share a snapshot of your prototype at an exact point in time. A huge variety of ready-made and fully-customizable Templates for Web and Mobile, with all the popular blocks and elements that you commonly need. Take advantage of the various user interface libraries, full of UI components that not only look like but also mimic the behavior of their original native counterparts. Instead of recruiting brand new participants again, ask testers if they would be interested in joining future sessions.

Insert the Recruiting Widget into your website to turn visitors into respondents. You can provide testers with incentive in the form of coupons after they complete a study. You can import your prototype from a prototyping tool, or you can create it manually by linking together wireframes, screenshots or sketches.

website prototype testing

If this is a face-to-face study, don’t defend the prototype and design solutions in it. Be neutral and try to avoid emotionally loaded words whenever you are describing the prototype or its elements. It is always helpful when your users can communicate to you about how they feel about your product. After prototype testing, you have to start refining and making final changes to the prototype. Before you launch, monitoring is also necessary to ensure that everything is in place. For instance, if you are launching a hotel booking application/website, presenting the prototype design only to people who travel frequently and stay in hotels would make sense.

How does prototype testing work?

We grouped our list of 29 prototype testing questions into the different topics you should consider exploring in prototype testing. Aim to choose at least one from each section to make sure all your bases are covered. We’ve also included a few pro-tips here as food for thought. The most obvious disadvantage is that it takes more time to plan the project before actual development can start. This can mean that some project managers and stakeholders get uncomfortable that the project will not meet deadlines.

Webflow integrates with a lot of tools, including Shopify, Zapier, Arengu, Shippo, Google Analytics, Drift, and more. UXPin offers a free, limited version that includes the design editor, prototyping, merge integration, and collaboration. After you launch a Prototype Test, watch as results start popping up.

  • A website prototype is a digital model or demo showing how your website will look like when it goes live.
  • The Pro plan costs $199/month and includes multi-user plans, unlimited testing, and bespoke branding.
  • It ensures user’s commitment towards the product, and they can also help in spreading the word.
  • is a prototyping tool that has a smooth learning curve and is easy to use.

With the help of Origami Live, you can test the prototype you built on a Mac directly on your mobile device, so you can see how it performs before the development stage. Origami Studio integrates with UserTesting, Validately, Lookback, and more. While you can’t create complex prototypes with it, it can still work as a great tool for wireframes, mockups, and simple web design prototypes.

The simple Mac-like toolbar, color tools, geometric elements, and more allows you to use the tool with ease. In any website designing process, prototyping is considered to be an integral part. Through the website prototype tool, you and your team can share essential feedback, and review the concepts in the initial stages.

Best Wireframing Tools To Design Apps & Websites In 2022

Our huge library of resources includes documentation, sample projects, video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and webinars to get you started or take you to the next level. Use the native apps for iOS or Android while prototyping for easier previewing or for viewing offline. Please check that you’re not running an adblocker and if you are please whitelist Uncover the best ways to gather actionable insights from discovery, prototypes, to post-launch. Tree testing is a way of evaluating a proposed site structure by asking users to find items based on the sites organisation and terminology. This online test only displays the navigation links and removes any additional clutter.

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That’s why prototype testing gives developers the perfect opportunity to fine-tune their product before it is released. That’s the reason why developers hold prototype testing in high regard. It is the single most effective way of knowing how a product will perform in the market before it performs. An Assumption Grid can help you navigate those waters and make your decisions confidently.

All prototype systems, including, Invision, Figma, Marvel, Axure, JustInMind, UxPin, and others, are compatible with the Userlytics platform. They have an on-demand panel of over 170,000 testers embedded into their system. As an alternative, you may ask your own users to take part in the experiment. UserTesting was one of the first unmoderated testing sites ever.

Other factors to consider are that you should always present your prototype to the right audience and always ask the right questions. They should be composed carefully as they will set the direction of your test and determine what the scenarios and tasks for the test will look like. This is the moment when you use your research questions to compose your tasks. Your research questions will tell you what the tasks should be about. I would like to know if the users would be able to perform a certain task. We have compiled a table that will give you a better understanding of the prototypes and when to test them for maximum significance.

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