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Spring Theme Ideas             

Always ask the class what they want to learn. 
This is a great starting point, they always have plenty of questions.

In Science I would think about covering:
 1. Plants and how they grow, and seeds... what they need to grow. Grow bean seeds. 
Make a journal and draw what they see every other day. See Plants
2.  Seasons, use a Venn diagram and compare Spring and another season. Have them make a poster showing the differences. See Venn
3. Weather; rain, storms, thunder and lightning You can chart the daily weather and put it on a graph. Temperature can be charted. too. 

If you are doing anything with rain, water evaporation...You 
can just put a jar of water on your desk and mark the water level with a pen.  Just leave it there and the water will evaporate. The kids will wonder where it went...discussion time. :)
Also, you can have a tub of water and ask the kids to bring in things to test 
whether or not they float. 

4. Animal life: butterflies. Get caterpillars from a science outlet and watch the whole process. Check out butterfly centers.        

Social Studies. Compare Texas (any state) with other parts of the country. How does Spring look in Michigan in April as oppose to Florida etc. Comparison Chart


  1. Take a nature walk. Have the students look and observe signs of spring. Take the walk again a few weeks later ..observe the changes.  
  2. Write poems about the weather. Use fun words like splash, chirp, etc.
  3. Spring is a new beginning...What would you like to do that is new?
  4. Make a daisy with 8 petals. Put their name in the middle, have them write about themselves on each petal.
  5. Use shape books :) about baby animals, clouds, etc. to put poems or observations in. (special order what you need)
    Math--I would use seeds to make patterns, sorting and counting, and adding.
  6. Look for patterns in nature. Symmetrical wings of butterflies, etc.
    Use pattern blocks to make their own butterflies with symmetrical wings. See Butterflies
  7. Look at the tulip activity in April Ideas
    It is a fun way to keep track of what books they read. For first grade you could use the tulips to make a Spring word garden. All the new words you use in your unit could go on the tulip and then put into the Classroom garden (bulletin board.)
    see Tulip



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