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Over 20 years ago, abcteach entered the world as a free educational website for teachers. abcteach was founded by Sandy Kemsley, a Michigan-grown elementary school teacher who was entering retirement after 26 years of service. abcteach is now owned and operated by her son, David Kemsley. David’s goal is to continue to provide quality educational resources, and a convenient user experience, so educator’s all over the world can rely on abcteach as their one stop shop for educational content.

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50,000 + Downloadable Resources

By joining abcteach, you'll receive access to over 50,000 cross-curricular materials, interactive activities, clip art, and more!

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abctools allows you to create custom teaching materials you need when you can't find them anywhere else. Over 65 types of tools are available in any subject!

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Learn from the teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who have been there, seen it, done that! Our blogs are curated to be educational tools to anyone who needs a helping hand.

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To Teach Students to Be Life-Long Learners, You Must Be One Yourself

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Our History

How It All Got Started

abcteach was started by Sandy Kemsley, an elementary school teacher who wanted to give back to the teaching community. Sandy’s goal was to provide quality educational resources that could be used in the classroom. 20 years later, abcteach maintains its integrity by providing free resources to educator’s all over the world.

20 Years Later

Now, abcteach offers premium subscriptions starting as low as $9.99 per month. abcteach premium gives subscribers access to our extensive resource library, including 50,000+ educational worksheets, videos and abctools. abcteach premium is ideal for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers who are looking to save time searching for the right resource, so they can spend more time being a great teacher.

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Note From The Owner

abcteach was started by my Mother, Sandy Kemsley. Her passion is to continue to make classrooms more efficient and student-friendly, and to share with teachers all the tips and tricks she learned in the classroom. Thats how abcteach was started, and thats the promise I will continue to make for the future of our company, and all the teachers that use our resources. For over 14 years, I have strived to continue in my Mother’s footsteps, and look up to her as my role model. abcteach is a legacy family business and I have been dedicated to improving the design and user experience, so educator’s all over the world can rely on abcteach for their teaching needs. abcteach will continue to provide quality online educational content for all ages, in a wide spectrum of academic subjects.

Follow your dreams, work hard, and make it happen.

David Kemsley