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When you join abcteach as a school, you can take advantage of our group-membership discount! When multiple schools within the same district join together, the savings are even greater.

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It’s easier than ever to keep your classroom creative while teaching Common Core and state Standards! On abcteach you can search and sort resources specific to any standard or subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abcteach subscriptions can be obtained monthly, yearly, or every two years, and will renew automatically each subscription term based on your subscription type. Your automatic renewal will occur on the same date that you purchased your initial subscription each month, year, or two years, again dependent on your type of subscription plan. You can cancel your subscription renewals at anytime to prevent automatic renewals on your subscription account. Once you cancel your renewals, the time left on your existing account will be honored, and your subscription will expire at your next renewal date.
You can access the abcteach member site from home and from work. All you have to do is login to your account, and you can bring up quick lesson plans whether you are at home, or in the classroom.
The easiest way is to fax us the teacher's full names and email addresses with your Purchase Order. We cannot setup accounts without this information. Upon receiving this information we will set-up or renew the accounts. abcteach fax number: 1-248-493-6565 Please email [email protected] with any questions you have.
abcteach has a no refund policy for all sales, including first time purchases, renewals, and purchase orders. We do make exceptions to our no refund policy, but note that all subscriptions renew automatically each month, year or two years depending on your subscription type, and the date of your initial subscription purchase. You can visit your account settings at anytime after your subscription purchase to make adjustments to your account, including cancelling your renewals. Cancelling your renewals will expire your account upon your next renewal date, and stop your account from being billed automatically.
You can reach abcteach technical support 24 hours a day by emailing us at https://www.abcteach.com/contact-us/. Please include your name and phone number in the event we have trouble reaching you by email.

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